The Big Voice

The big voice out there telling people what to do is just a voice. It belongs to The Liar. He travels from his home to a different locale, pretends he is someone who is actually sleeping and announces his dictates. The reason his dictates are obeyed is because his cohorts are enforcing his will by traveling to DC. The Liar is simply laying the blame for the manipulation of the government on someone else.

The Liar first attempted it with the announcement of a “Race War” a week prior to the beating of Rodney King. He traveled to Oregon to lay the blame that time. The intent was to give some of his people in government a way to declare martial law and make a lot of people disappear. Fortunately, the one he was trying to lay the blame on figured that out and let people know.

Other people passed that information on and the attempt failed. Some notable people who did were Vernon Howell and Randy Weaver. Both were victimized by Federal law enforcement including some of the same agents. Attempts were made to paint them both as racists.

Some places where people helped raise awareness of the events were in Oregon and New Mexico. The Liar has been working diligently to lay the blame for his continued manipulation on people in these places, in particular his son. The martial law he had hoped for never materialized. Some of “his” guys didn’t go along with the plan.

An important point is people who are obeying are often doing so under duress, not because they believe they are being directed by God.