Mass Programming Opportunities

The brainwashing that occurs between lifetimes and is continued when specific subjects are children can be very targeted. These individuals are being used by the Controllers because of their defiance in a past lifetime.Charles Manson is an example. There are many of them in the Case Studies in different stages of life progressions that have or will involve brainwashing and use.

Some of the brainwashing that occurs isn’t specific. It is aimed at large numbers of souls. The souls targeted are between lifetimes, they are dead. People between lifetimes are in a vulnerable mental state, similar to a dream. They will not remember the experience. That is why often the big psychic shit show doesn’t make sense to living observers; it isn’t necessarily intended for us. The Controllers will reenact things that happened to appear with a different guilty party or end. The dead will not remember the first event.

It follows the intention of the Controllers is often to create more dead souls to be influenced. Mass brainwashing events are used to program large numbers of souls. When too many have become critical thinkers or attempt unauthorized awareness. When socially liberal ideas such as women’s rights or racial equality become popular. When a populace is conquered that doesn’t follow the official religion of the conquerors. In these situations the Controllers have used mass murder to begin programming souls to become “good” members of their society.

History is full of examples. Souls don’t go anywhere, they just become reborn. If their race or religion isn’t producing many babies due to starvation, mass murder or disease, they will be reincarnated in families of the dominate group. For example Jews during the Holocaust and Spanish Inquisition or Indigenous Americans after the arrival of Europeans. They would have most likely reincarnated as white christian children. The Controllers would have selected one of their own to appear to the dead as god.

Saying diseases spread among indigenous Americans was unintentional is misleading. We know blankets from smallpox clinics caused the disease to spread. Did they know this would happen? Of course they did. The knowledge of germs may not have been discovered, but simple observation would have given them enough understanding to infect people. People being influenced or “handled” could spread diseases without being aware of it, diseases like the bubonic plague.

With the absence of ways to create mass death in a society diseases can pretty handy. Fake revolutions and civil wars are not easy to create, particularly as people become more educated. Recently new diseases have sprouted like AIDs, Ebola and SARS. It doesn’t necessarily mean the Controllers creating the big psychic shit show are behind these diseases, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t.

One thing for sure, Dr Anthony Fauci‘s funding of research at the Wuhan Lab in China is suspicious (NY Post). Fauci was helping to fund the lab as early as 2002. The federal government has shut down the database related to funding of the lab according to Citizen’s Journal. President Barack Obama ordered Fauci to halt funding of the lab in 2014. Emails recently surfaced that have created more suspicion (Wall Street Journal).

Because we know a bit about the Modus Operandi of the socialist Controllers posing as republicans, we would expect them to immediately blame left wingers like Bill Gates, Barack Obama, a Kennedy and maybe FDR. That’s because they have angered republicans by sabotaging them in the past and want to play it off. If that happened we would suddenly have a great epiphany; there are Nazi psychics on social media who want to divert the blame for Covid. They probably wouldn’t want you to get the vaccine either. Imagine that!

The other fascinating aspect is the research lab is in a Communist country. Communist leaders like Karl Marx almost as much as Socialist ones do. If Karl or one of his buddies could have handled Fauci, got him to fund the lab and then brought it to public attention they would have added to distrust of the US government. It seems Fauci was acting pretty much on his own. He was working for Bush Jr when his funding of the lab supposedly began. The presidents may not have been aware he was earmarking the money to go to a Chinese lab. He (Fauci) may not have fully understood the implications of his actions.

If the virus doesn’t kill enough people it could be used as an excuse to damage the US economy.