The Supreme Court Screws Us Again

The Controllers don’t let people up, that is become aware, without owning them. They want them to “do something wrong” so they have leverage over them. This is why their Roman Catholic Church wants you to tell your dirty little secrets to their priests contrary to the example set by Jesus, who was baptized by John. This is why Jeffrey Epstein is such an interesting individual. It makes Trumps election in 2016 suspicious as it does Princess Di‘s car wreck. They put people they have leverage on in positions of power.

The US Supreme Court is currently made up of 5 Neo Con appointees, 1 Trump appointee and 3 appointed by democrats. It seems liberal Supreme Court Justices keep dying when there is a conservative president. The Court has great power to direct the nation’s course that is only mitigated when Congress takes action to clarify it’s laws.

This is the same Supreme Court that allowed former Attorney General William Barr to go on a murderous rampage of executions in the waning days of the Trump administration. Joe Biden had promised to halt federal executions. Among those executed were Lisa Montgomery (Case Study 38) and Dustin Higgs (Case Study 39). Why the need to execute these people was so imperative is worth considering.

On Thursday Aug 26th the Supreme Court blocked Biden’s moratorium on evictions (The Hill). The ruling was along party lines, the conservative justices voting to lift the moratorium and the 3 liberals dissenting. The move will add to economic damage the nation has already suffered because of the COVID pandemic. There are currently an estimated 15 million people behind on their rent. We cannot afford to have that many people added to the homeless population. Who’s side is SCOTUS on?

There’s a propaganda campaign showing a few landlords who have been put out by the moratorium. They haven’t received enough rent money. The money has been earmarked by We the People ($46 billion) to assist them. If they haven’t gotten it (only $5 billion has been utilized) they need to talk to the corrupt state politicians they helped elect to get it.

The other thing the Supreme Court has recently done is rule against the Voter’s Rights Act of 2020 that would limit States attempting to use procedural rules to stop some citizens from voting. The act would also protect voter privacy and eliminate deceptive practices (like wording) of Federal election issues on ballots. The Act has provisions for Independent Redistricting Commissions so States can’t use the tried and true tactic to eliminate the affect of minority groups in the election process.

As Congress writes the laws. The Supreme Court is using it’s power to interpret the law as a way to threaten decades of necessary Federal oversight into the actions of States during the election process.

The 117th Congress needs to CLARIFY The Voter’s Rights Act and send it back to the Supreme Court. With regards to kicking people out into the streets, something needs to be done to prevent the Supreme Court causing further damage to the economy of our great nation.

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