One of the Many Uses of Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was programmed and guided by a Controller. He was used in a variety of ways. Like other former enemies of the Third Reich, he was held down and handled is such a way to serve their purposes rather than become a thorn in their side (see Related links below).

The most notorious way he was used was to get dirt on people who were, or could be put into, positions of influence. The leverage gained would ensure their cooperation when it counted. Epstein was friends with Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Bill Gates and former NM Governor Bill Richardson among others.

In 1993 Epstein purchased a property in New Mexico. His relationship with Bill Richardson probably began with political contributions from around 1990.

In 1999 the Cox Report broke. Nuclear technology from the Los Alamos National Laboratories had been stolen by someone and given to China and North Korea (SFGate). FBI and Dept of Energy officials investigated the leak. They came up with a suspect, Taiwanese national When Ho Lee. Why they thought anyone would buy Lee as a valid suspect is beyond me. People from Taiwan did not want to see China become a nuclear power. Only a Marxist would want that. Lee ended up being indicted on non related charges.

A huge fire broke out in May of that year that “destroyed” all evidence related to the investigation. The fire was an intentionally lit burn that got out of hand in the predicted high winds that occurred a few days later. The Secretary of the Department of Energy at that time? Bill Richardson. It was around that time that North Korea and Iran (Case Study 31) began development of their nuclear weapons programs.

Following these events, North Korean diplomats visiting the United States would only travel to New Mexico to meet with Richardson. Furthering the illusion that New Mexico had something to do with the transference of nuclear weapons technology to China. It was almost as if the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il was following the wishes of his Marxist gods in the grand illusion. Richardson had worked for the State Department and was involved in efforts to free US citizens under arrest abroad including in North Korea.

During the contest between George Bush Jr and Al Gore in 2000 accusations of election fraud had been rampant. The election results were very (and conveniently) close and centered on Florida ballots and the restrictions placed on citizens trying to cast votes – reminiscent of the current For The People Act aimed at stopping this behavior by states in the future.

In 2004 the hotly contested ( and again super close) presidential election between Bush Jr and John Kerry ended with Bush Jr as the winner. In New Mexico fraudulent results were found in several districts. Citizens raised the $200K required to get a recount but then Governor Bill Richardson decided not to comply with the request. In the next legislative session the required amount was raised to $2 million.

Jeffrey Epstein’s relationship with Bill Richardson and the relevance to the aforementioned occurrences is speculative but suspicious. It did serve to make people think that if the election had been rigged, those to blame were in New Mexico rather than the place where Epstein’s controller really lived. Everyone knows the king of the Neo Cons at the time was parading around claiming to be Erwin Rommel-we now know that’s not who he used to be.

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