More Covid Strangeness

According to Deadline, 99.8% of all Covid related deaths from Dec 7, 2020 (when vaccines became available) and June 7, 2021 in Los Angeles county have been people who did not get vaccinated. 50% of reported new cases have been the new Delta variant of the disease.

Those are some interesting statistics. The new variants have popped up in a suspiciously rapid manner. There is also the underground internet call to shun vaccines. Is this supposedly darknet propaganda effort to get people to go unvaccinated really part of an underground movement? Or are the guys trolling around the net telling people not to get the vaccine part of the group that created the thing in the first place? Do you think the guys filling chat rooms with this garbage got their vaccinations?

This is reminiscent of the myth propagated by the gods (controllers) of South Africa to the tribal healers that sex with a virgin will cure Aids (YKA). Obviously the gumby brain tribal guys are believing a line of thought shit that ultimately will help spread of the disease among, and traumatize, young girls. Incidents of rape have increased since this myth was introduced.

Oddly enough, Dr Andrew Fauci was in the middle of the AIDS epidemic as well (Huffington Post). He was criticized at the time for his rhetoric. As with other strange politicians, has risen to hero status during the Covid pandemic.

Just in case you’re wondering, there’s no need to put a chip into your body to track you, your phone, car, computer and credit cards do a sufficient job of that. The vaccine won’t make you sterile either. Get your shots dummy.