What is “The Government”

The term The Government is on people’s lips and minds often enough when there are suspicious events. “The Government wants to monitor everyone,” The Government is trying to shorten people’s lifespans through pollution and poisons in our food,” “The Government wants both parents to work so they can be the one’s who raise our kids and teach them socialism.” How true are these statements? Very with the exception of one element, it isn’t The Government.

The Government is a collection of people; elected, appointed or employed, to help run the country. Those people don’t always agree on policy or actions. The people in the government are often running their departments without the express consent or knowledge of their superiors. One example would be Anthony Fauci helping to fund the Wuhan China Virology Labs. He was ordered to stop by President Barack Obama in 2014 when the latter became aware of the situation. Fauci had been sending funds since 2002. Another would be the serving of the search warrant to the Branch Davidians in Waco TX. George Bush Sr nor Bill Clinton knew about this beforehand.

Some people in the government are definitely working for a different power, but some people working for the same powers are not in the government. They are able to exert quite a bit of influence on the government. Promoting the term “The Government” is to get people’s minds to focus on the government as an evil entity. Why? The powers want you to help them overthrow it and establish them as dictators. Pretty tricky right? Get some people into the government and get them to do things to piss off the American people enough to help them overthrow the state.

They, of course, spend their time pretending to be rebels, some selling socialism, others selling right wing fanaticism, all the while criticizing “The Government” they are actually running.

Because of this you will not see a solution to the problems of poverty and homelessness, pollution, the shrinking middle class, the loss of allies (often due to our own actions or inaction) or the rising national debt. These things, and many others, are being manifested with the intention of destroying democracy. They believe that once the United States is no longer a democracy, Marxism will prevail in the world and they will be the dictators running the show. People won’t revolt against their nation if they are happy, so the powers want us to be unhappy.