A Deeper Understanding

For the last two weeks, if you follow along, my posts have been building a picture. That picture is showing you where all these manipulations have been coming from. Where the controllers behind the racist, sexist anti-semitic and socialist efforts to turn our country into a dictatorship or destroy it are coming from. They are coming from the Northwest.

They are tyrants, politicians and sorcerers. They have been worshiped alternatively as god or gods for thousands of years. They have maintained their dominance through the murder of those who might oppose them, including when they are children, rape, torture and mass murders.

Achieving mass murder is done through religion and politics. In plain terms; they are the best liars that ever lived. That they have a lot of energy or it is of one color or another doesn’t mean anything. They tell you it does because they use it as a way to manipulate people. They play god and satan and give you a choice between the two. You don’t have the option to think outside the box. And god created the light and the dark…

If they can’t force you into going along with their evil plans they will woo you into carelessness or apathy, then kill you. They constantly shift focus, particularly when they fail. The guys trying to start World War III one day will be your best buddies the next. Everyone will think they are swell guys. This is accomplished because the people who were raped and murdered last time have a deep psychological desire to feel safe. The way they feel safe is to let their minds believe the lies, and their feelings sympathize for, their former tormentors. The ones they are loyal to, or at least fear enough to obey, are the one’s that killed them last time. Babyboomers are the reincarnations of people who died during or immediately after WWII. That is the essence of brainwashing.

See Stockholm Syndrome