History Repeats

Studying reincarnation lends a different twist to the adage “those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it.” History repeats because the same people are in positions of power and they are repeating their past tactics while maintaining the same motives. Understanding this, and remembering the victors write history, should help us properly decipher the books of the past.

Abraham became good buddies with the Pharaoh and got to be the puppet king of the Jewish tribes and cities in the buffer regions between Egypt and Babylon. He sold his own people out. Sodom and Gomorrah were cities Abraham felt threatened by so he and some of his guys set the place up to look like a den of iniquity. This would give the Egyptians the excuse to destroy the towns, probably using siege engines of some sort hurling incendiary bombs or flaming bolts.

This would be recorded as righteous retribution by “the Lord,” of course. But what if there was a big show created by Abraham and his sorcerers out of body to make the place seem gay, full of rapists and evil. It would be the political excuse the Egyptians would need.

The same sort of thing happens in Judges 19 – 21. It’s almost the same story.

In 1307 Phillip the Fair and Pope Clement V arrested all the Knights Templars they could. They had run out of Jews to persecute. The latter had issued a Papal Bull labeling the Templars homosexual Satan worshipers. Do you think they made a grand illusion to back up their claims?

Is this story repeating anywhere today?

John 8:44 refers to the Father of the Jews. The Father of the Jews was Abraham.