Who Would Be A Poor Man…

The Roman gods knew there was no reason to be particularly good at anything except to control people; individually and in large numbers. Emperors didn’t come up with advances in technology, they owned the people who did. The advances were by default the intellectual property of the Emperor. They used Greek as their language of learning. They adopted monotheism as a way to temper their population’s subculture revolution against polytheism. Later they adopted Christianity itself and created the Catholic and Orthodox religions. By adopting it they granted themselves license to redefine it.

The same holds true today. It is not necessary to have the ability to hack computers to steal money or falsify an election. The same can be accomplished by being able to handle (control) a software engineer or exceptional code writer.

It follows; why be the president if you can handle someone and make them the president? This becomes even more convenient when attempting to change a democracy into a dictatorship. Complete takeover of a nation includes the “cleansing” phase. This is the part where the newly established MF kills off all opposition. It comes in 4 steps.

The first step is to arrest and execute those who opposed his takeover. The second step is to arrest and execute everyone who helped him but did so as a matter of convenience. Allied factions who helped because they didn’t like the opposition elements either or were prompted by the coercive efforts of the dictator. He can’t trust them during the precarious post revolution phase. The third step is to arrest and execute his own closest cohorts (think Lenin and Trotsky) because they have enough influence to topple him. The last is to hunt down any remaining aware people. It doesn’t matter what their political or religious affiliation is. They must be reprogrammed. Making a show of all this serves to put fear into the subconscious of the populace. Some will cower and submit, others will be inspired to join him because for them it’s better to serve the one you fear and not have to be afraid. These are the predictable and sought after results.

There is a major drawback to all this; history will remember the “revolutionary” as a butcher and dictator. Could you imagine Adolf Hitler, reincarnated, running for office today? He looks exactly the same and his charts would match. Not going to happen. Why not handle (control) someone to be the dictator instead?

Two individuals who were used to take over their nations using this algorithm were Saddam Hussein and the Ayatollah Khomeini. Both were previously German royalty, with experience in politics and both were expendable. Neither was going to be ruling the world for a thousand years (neither was Hitler). Their souls were strategically pre-positioned (see related below) to help the next phase of Nazi world domination. They were both handled by the Allah of Aramco. After the Iranian Revolution, to help rid their countries of opponents, they staged the Iran-Iraq War.

This leads us back to the Nazis and Hitler. There are some questions most people haven’t considered. We should ponder the way the story is presented to us. We should think about the repetitive nature of individuals in different lifetimes. We should try to understand the strategies being used to influence the future of our world and the future of our souls. Because, like it or not, no one’s going anywhere.

From the time we are children we are taught that one man, Hitler, and his insanity caused the rise of the Third Reich, World War II and the Holocaust. One man. Let that roll around in your brain a little. How could that possibly be the case? No political movement, revolution or war was ever the creation of one man. It takes money, lot’s of money, to do these things. It takes armies of strategists, diplomatic efforts to ensure cooperation among different segments of society and the backing of wealthy individuals. It takes the cooperation of the military. What if a group of generals had decided to hell with Hitler? That would have been the end of it. Why teach everyone that it was the result of one man? This is obviously not the case.

If we look at the repetitive nature of people through lifetimes we might gain some understanding. Hitler stayed in the army after World War I. He was stationed in the German Army as an intelligence agent and was sent to investigate the German Workers Party (DAP). He ended up taking it over and morphing it into the German Socialist Workers Party (NSDAP). It became a political power house. He was arrested but spent a very short time in prison. This “martyred” him and served to increase his popularity (see Case Study 41). He won sham elections and staged kangaroo court-martials of generals who had been in opposition. The whole thing was wrapped up with the death of Hindenburg.

Who was his handler? Someone, out of body, guided Hitler along the entire path and continued to guide him through the consolidation phase from above. The concentration camps claimed 10 million lives. 6 million of those where Jews. Who were the other 4 million?

When it became apparent Germany was going to lose the war an attempt was made on his life. On the 20th of July, 1944 a bomb went off during a meeting of high ranking officials, generals and Hitler. Hitler survived. Some of the main plotters were members of Field Marshall Friedrich Fromm’s staff. Fromm had them executed before they could be questioned. He was then arrested and executed a year later.

If the plot had succeeded Fromm could have become the new dictator. Fromm controlled the army stationed in Germany proper. He would have been seen as the great liberator, his staff having coordinated the assassination. The dirty work of wiping out Jews and non conformists had been mostly accomplished. What if this was the plan all along? Fromm was Hitler’s handler, pushed to premature action because of the impending loss of a war he expected to win. He could have negotiated a surrender and continued on as the new king.