Why Do They Hate Rommel?

In the twisted realm of the MF and his cohorts, blaming what one does on someone one hates is the status quo. I’ll attempt to explain how this works.

If you do something and get caught, you claim to be one of your enemies, or perhaps someone you are jealous of. In this case, if you get caught being the handler (controller) of James Earl Ray when he assassinated Martin Luther King, you claim to be the reincarnation of Erwin Rommel. Weird thing is the whole damn world believes he is Rommel. He isn’t.

Let’s look at the chart of Erwin Rommel. We can see his history, it’s quite interesting. One notable thing is his relationship to Richard Wagner when he was Ludwig II of Bavaria. Wagner was a composer who wrote among other things “Flight of the Valkyries.” If we look at the chart of Richard Wagner we can see something disturbing. What’s going on here is simple to explain. The MF who’s been calling himself Rommel is simply attempting to lay the blame for his actions in this lifetime on the real Rommel. In Rommel’s next lifetime he will take the heat for the liar’s actions. The other part is, the MF and his cohorts don’t like Wagner either. They screwed him up and used him for a different part of their agenda. Don’t kid yourself, they think this is funny.

This kind of thinking manifests itself all the time. The basis for accusations against the Jews and Masons of trying to take over the world originate with the ones actually attempting world domination. The accusations against liberals and the movie industry of ritual child abuse are being created by the ones who use child abuse to brainwash people and harvest souls. The one’s accusing the left of creating a deep state.. well, you get the picture. Why? They don’t like Jews, the Masons, the US movie industry, the democrats, Rommel or Wagner.