Who Else Do They Hate?

That’s a logical question if you’ve been following along. They hate American heroes of World War II. In particular people who worked with the Office of Strategic Services or OSS. They were the intelligence and secret ops people fighting the war against Nazi Germany. They would present a challenge for them in their current lifetime.

One I’d like to point out is Allen Dulles. He worked with the League of Nations on arms limitations. After observing the treatment of German Jews in 1935 he successfully lobbied Sullivan and Cromwell, a law firm, to close it’s offices in Berlin. He exposed the “Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion” as a fraud. He unsuccessfully ran for office as an interventionalist; promoting US intervention in Europe against the rise of fascism.

Dulles spent the war years stationed in Bern, Switzerland working for the OSS. From there he organized intelligence operations and secret negotiations. Dulles is the subject of Case Study 45.

The other interesting thing is the conspiratorial efforts to discredit him even after his death. Because he was the head of the CIA, conjectures have been made he was a part of the plot to kill John F Kennedy. There are books written accusing him of being a founder of the “deep state” (see “The Devil’s Chessboard“).

The point is; we can certainly say he was an enemy of the Nazi’s and their persecution of the Jews. We cannot say he was involved in the “deep state.” He may have been involved, but they hate him. This is fairly obvious from the case study. Those running the deep state are not actually in the government but outside of it controlling certain people who are. See the related links for more examples.

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