Do They Hate Anyone Else?

Funny you should ask that. They hate rock n rollers. They don’t like music by artists they feel threatened by. Following their MO of gate camping at people’s next lifetime have managed to cause the deaths of many. The 27 Club is a group of musical artists who have died at or near the age of 27. There are more artists than these but people notice the patterns.

Many conspiracy theories are pretty close to the truth, they are just interpreted incorrectly. A theory that is incorrect actually helps the true perpetrators because it throws people off their track. They even create their own incorrect ones for this purpose.

The reason they hate the musicians is because they know many of them are aware. Similar to burning “witches” at the stake or gassing 4 million non Jews during the holocaust, they want complete control of the other side. They have done this with politics and the control of religions for thousands of years. History will focus on the Jewish victims of the holocaust and that’s not completely wrong; they hate Jews too. We shouldn’t forget the other victims because it’s part of the bigger picture.

One of them we’ve recently discussed is Stevie Ray Vaughn. Case Study 1 is about this man and his past lives. It is important to note before all the conservatives miss the boat, the people doing this are not liberals. The same people influencing the conservative subculture are the ones doing this stuff. These guys don’t believe in anything but mass murder and programming of people’s subconscious for complete rule. They want to control your brains. To help you understand this, please read Case Study 12. If you’re liberal don’t feel too smug, they have guys trying to influence you as well.

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