A Birthday History Lesson

The takeover of Germany didn’t begin with Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP. It began with the infiltration of the German royalty, government, church and military by reincarnated souls. They rose to prominence with help from controllers. That was their “deep state.” Hitler was in a military intelligence outfit when he went to his first meetings with the German Worker’s Party. It was an assigned spy mission. When, if ever, did he really quit the Army?

The problem was to take over completely and to conduct the consolidation phase would be messy. Killing off millions of Jews, those in opposition and psychics would go down in history. The new rulers didn’t want to take the blame for this. The answer, get or force someone to be the figurehead of a fabricated takeover. When the cleansing phase was over, overthrow him and be the big hero.

When it was realized that Germany was going to lose the war, the “big hero” attempted exactly that, to overthrow Hitler. The same guys who installed him tried to assassinate him and failed. They could have negotiated a surrender and been the new rulers but instead they were arrested. The rest is history.

The weird thing is we are taught the rise of the Third Reich was the result of one man. That’s ridiculous. No one man could possibly take over a country without behind the scenes help. Help from wealthy people, people in government, officers in the military and religious leaders. That we are led to and do believe this wasn’t the case should be alarming.

Let’s face it if Hitler’s reincarnation were to run for office today, his physical appearance would trip everyone out so hard no one would vote for him. He will carry that curse with him for a long time. I wonder if Trump will have that problem in his next lifetime. I guess that depends on if he ever gets back in office and what he does while he is there. If I were in his shoes I’d retire from politics.