Indoctrination and Assimilation the Old Fashioned Way

Estimates of the pre-Columbian population of Indigenous Americans vary between 50 and 100 million people. We know the indigenous population decreased drastically over the next few centuries due to European settlers and their influence. Starvation, disease, warfare and relocation to reservations diminished their population by approximately 80%. This estimate could be a serious low ball.

Where did these souls go? They reincarnated like everyone does. Most of them would have come back as white children because that was the most prolific breeding race at the time. That means through reincarnation the biggest Indian School ever was created through mass murder. They didn’t have to take these kids off the reservation, cut their hair and make them speak English because they were being re educated from birth.

The question arises; was this intentional? It’s difficult to say. What we can say is Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, firmly based in Marxism, would accomplish the same thing. The same can be said of the Holocaust. 10 million people, 6 million of them Jews, would reincarnate without many Jewish parents having children. Most would come back European. The Pogroms of the Russian Empire and the assimilation of Jews in the Soviet Union would have the same affect.

If we realistically analyze Marxism’s approach to creating a “utopian” society we see a detailed plan to destroy ethnic and cultural identity. According to Marx a dictatorship must rule until the original generations have disappeared so there is no way pre-Socialist thought can contaminate the society. The children must be educated by the state. Religion gets replaced by psychology. The State is given complete control of the media allowing them to dictate a story line that will be the official history under later analysis. The State takes complete control of the economy preventing a middle class of educated free thinkers who might challenge official rulings and narratives. The state is then able to dictate who will be allowed roles of responsibility and authority based on loyalty rather than performance.

The first step in Marx and Engels cookbook is the elimination of those who oppose socialism. This has been demonstrated by Marxist regimes time and again. China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and others resulted in the reincarnation and re-education of over 100 million people. People assimilated into accepting surveillance based police states who constantly re-write their nation’s history.

Did Marx know he was proposing re education through mass murder? Absolutely.

You may have noticed the under 20 crowd has no real concept of the Cold War or life before 9/11. They know what they are taught in school about it. Both parents are busy at work so they rely on their teacher’s reading list and the textbooks put out by the Department of Education. They have an accepting attitude toward online privacy and remote monitoring. I’ve noticed some admiration for Marxism in young people fed by misinformation. They don’t remember life before the Patriot Act.; that was in their past lifetime.