Warning Shots

The Controllers, most of them, are also controlled. Weird thing to say but it’s true. The King of the Giants is the man with the plan, a politician mostly. Other Controllers and people who are just cool but aware are intimidated into submission through the use of terrorism. The King’s guys are the ones attempting to force the others to go along with their plans.

The terrorist acts are simple and calculated. The King will blame the people who live in the house where the action occurs if they say anything about it. The Controllers who live in the targeted house are the ones they are attempting to control and intimidate.

It’s generally a soul harvesting event tied in with some of their political goals. An example is the Columbine Shooting. Souls were prevented from reaching adulthood. Presumably they would have been people deemed capable of causing trouble for the controllers behind the act.

The guys who were used to commit the act were also targeted. One was a former terrorist, he can be used as a hit man or something in his next lifetime. The other was a entertainment personality and news reporter. He could represent a problem in the future or, if used by them, someone valuable to their political game. Sometimes they hit people because they are angry with them for actions in their past life. Right now the reincarnations of Harris, Klebold and the victims are approximately 19 years old.

The 13 victims may also have been targeted. More likely, one or two of them were “valuable” souls and the other victims around them would tend to conceal this. I focused on the perpetrators, the ones directly brainwashed and controlled. Somewhere in the list of victims was probably another intended target.

The event serves multiple purposes. 1) It gets potential problem people out of the way. 2) It sends a political message. Disarming the citizenry in this example; part of the socialist and fascist agenda. 3) They will take some of the souls home with them. They guide the harvested spirits to their house to be reborn. They can be programmed, controlled, watched and used more easily. They can also be killed again. 4) They intimidate the Controller or other aware people where the event took place. If the local people were attempting to protect those souls (ie know what’s going on) the souls got stolen by those they were trying to protect them from.

There are three events I’ve detailed in my case studies that are similar warning shots. I encourage the reader to check them out.