World Domination Through Economic Devastation

Originally Posted on Feb 11th

The Great Depression was created by a lack of regulation of the banking industry. When banks closed, as many did from 1929-1933, there was no Insurance. The people who had money in savings account with such a bank lost their money. As the situation worsened state governments imposed limited withdrawals; people couldn’t access their own money.

There was no unemployment insurance to help those who had lost their jobs. 25% of the population was unemployed and much of the rest were only temporarily employed. 844,000 mortgages were foreclosed. The US population was 123M in 1930.

There were no labor laws. Children often worked alongside their parents rather than go to school. People who did work lived in camps where their rent was deducted from their meagerly wages. They bought their groceries at the company owned store. It was virtual slavery.

This mess was cured by the election of President Franklin D Roosevelt and his “New Deal.” Over the course of his tenure banking regulations were imposed to keep banks from screwing themselves and thereby their investors and those who banked with them. Labor laws were imposed including the 40 hr work week. The right to unionize and negotiate worker contracts under the National Labor Relations Act. The Social Security Act put money into a fund to help the elderly. Money was spent building the infrastructure of rural farming areas. The gold standard was abandoned. These are some samples of the reforms that saved our nation from complete economic collapse.

My take on the Great Depression is that it was a manufactured event. I believe FDR and his cabinet must have thought this as well but did not discuss it publicly. The banking laws, in particular the Glass-Steagall Act, and the abandonment of the gold standard were efforts at restricting the affects economic manipulation could have on the economy.

Some of the business leaders and politicians of the day believed that anarchy would be the result of continued economic decay. That the society would fall into complete disarray. I believe that disarray was not the intent. A socialist takeover was the intent. The Great Depression didn’t affect the United States exclusively, it affected the entire world. The rise of the Socialist Third Reich in Germany (1930) and the rise of Franco in Spain were facilitated by the Great Depression. The Socialist and Fascist Benito Mussolini had been dismantling democracy in Italy since 1922.

We always consider the Fascist threat to have been focused on Europe where it was successful. Here in the United States there was an attempt at a Fascist revolution as well. In November of 1934, former US Marine Commandant and two time Medal of Honor recipient General Smedley Butler addressed a US House of Representatives Committee. He said he had been approached by a representative of wealthy business leaders who claimed to have a private army of 500,000 men. He said he had been asked to lead these men on a takeover of the United States and to form a fascist styled socialist government modeled after Hitler’s Third Reich.

The House formed the McCormack–Dickstein committee to investigate the allegations that became known as the business plot. The committee stated publicly there was no evidence of such a plot. However, under the freedom of information act in 1966 the final report from the committee was released. It stated; “There is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned, and might have been placed in execution when and if the financial backers deemed it expedient.” The committee had verified “all the pertinent statements made by General Butler, with the exception of the direct statement suggesting the creation of the organization.”

Our hero Smedley Butler died in relative obscurity and at the Naval Hospital in Pennsylvania.

Now let’s get weird. Consider reincarnation and the fact people can be put into specific families. Then they can be utilized by controllers through grooming and help to positions of power and wealth (Tactical Reincarnation). We realize the Great Depression wasn’t necessarily about facilitating a take over of Europe. It was about taking over the world. It didn’t succeed in the United States, but it could have.

What about today? We know they reincarnate like everyone else. We know they have taken over certain nations with this technique. We should get what they are up to. When someone starts feeding people bs about how they think we should be back on the gold standard or attacking FDR’s legacy we should take note. Congress’ repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act was a big red flag, It resulted in the Great Recession of 2008. Deregulation is a intentionally introduced fool’s game.

What about tomorrow?