Tactical Reincarnation

I’ve mentioned before that your place of rebirth, and your new family, are not necessarily chosen by you. That people are reborn (reincarnated) at all causes many to stop reading. I am saying that not only do we reincarnate but the place and family can be chosen. Further I am saying that it isn’t necessarily your choice. The more powerful can put you were they want you.

That is not in line with Hindu teachings, that you reincarnate dependent upon your deeds in your last lifetime. Unless you consider there are people powerful enough to put you in a lower caste. This might not necessarily be because you were a “sinner” but because they didn’t like you or your politics. They aren’t gods, they are just more powerful and knowledgeable.

Consider if you will King Cyrus (Koresh) of Persia. He conquered Babylon and released the Jews back to their homeland. He also told them to rebuild their temple and gave them money to help them do it (2 Chronicles 36:22 = 23). Wow. His reign and actions were foretold by Isaiah (Isaiah 45:1-4). What if Cyrus had been a Jew put into the Persian royal family as a method to free the Jews? At some point in his life he remembered who he was and why he was there. After conquering Babylon he completed his real mission.

Now let’s think about the Ayatollah Khomeini. I suggest the reader looks at Case Study 31. Khomeini was Georg Leo Von Caprivi, a German General and for a short while, Chancellor. He was put in Iran by someone to be a servant and take over the country. He would rule the country but would be subservient to another.

As Khomeini he was exiled by the Shah’s government. The Shah took his anti Shia efforts too far by suspending the constitution. That and he was acting pretty strangely, possibly going insane. This created a crisis and an uprising. Moderate Iranians aligned with the Shia clerics to overthrow the Shah. Most of them wanted the constitution reinstated. They didn’t expect to be living in a Theocracy. Was the Ayatollah religious or was he using religion as a way to facilitate totalitarianism? When he talked to Allah did he know it was just a more powerful sorcerer?

The Carter Administration and the French government assisted Khomeini in his return to Iran. It is apparent they didn’t know what was in store. Someone talked them into it and that someone did know. That someone, with help of course, later armed Iran with nuclear technology (blog).

So now you know all about it. One might consider how Franco, Mussolini and Hitler ended up where they did and created WWII. One might take forewarning of future attempts at world domination by their kind. One might ponder the trans lifetime relationship of Maximilian Robespierre (Case Study 34) and Jean-Baptiste de Couvrai (Case Study 26).