The More Things Change……

The handing off of the Torch of Democracy to Biden, the new leader of the Free World, means a lot of changes. These changes are coming rapid fire. Biden has been issuing orders to fix some of the mess left behind by his predecessor. That’s excellent news. Often times it is interesting to observe things that don’t change or appear to change without actually doing so.

The FBI is examining evidence the incursion into the White House on Jan 6th was planned (CNN). It’s fairly evident the thing was planned on some level. What they are really trying to figure out was if the refusal of the National Guard to respond immediately had anything to do with it. The Army has denied Lt General Charles Flynn, the brother of former National Security Advisor Micheal Flynn, was in the room when the US Capitol Police were requesting help. They later recanted and said he was present (CNN). The help request was denied six times (NPR). It is believed some of Michal Flynn’s comments on the election amounted to promoting sedition (Times of San Diego).

Speaking of Flynn, Federal Prosecutors closed their investigation into his alleged leak of classified information to a Russian diplomat. The investigators also said they found no evidence of wrong doing by Obama officials (Daily Caller). Just gonna let that one go.

According to Deborah Birx, former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Trump was using graphs and information during news conferences that she didn’t give him. She says someone was replacing the information she was providing the Big T with falsified stats. She isn’t sure how many people were involved but said some of the information had come to him from former White House advisor Scott Atlas (The Hill).

President Joe Biden has decided to re enter the World Health Organization. Everyone’s favorite virus guy, Dr Anthony Fauci, will lead the delegation (Becker’s Hospital Review). If you’ll recall Fauci was the one supplying US funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology until former President Obama ordered him to stop in 2014.

What timing! Investigators from the World Health Organization are now in China. That’s right. They are attempting to investigate the origins of the Covid 19 virus and it’s multiple, rapidly occurring mutant strains. Imagine our surprise they are encountering some resistance from the government of the People’s Republic of China in their quest for the truth (NBC News).