The Change in Iran

Iran was a nation allied to the West until the end of the revolution in 1979 (Business Insider). The Shah was trying to limit the power and influence of the Shia clergy in the nation. Shah Pavlavi used heavy handed tactics, including suspending the constitution.

The Ayatollah Khomeini was in exile in France. He had been there since the failed White Revolution of 1963. The Carter administration became convinced he would help calm the situation in Iran if he was brought back to the country. Khomeini communicated with the US government he had no intentions of taking over the country. We now know that statement to be false.

Was this the perfect storm or was this an orchestrated event? We know the Controllers use manipulation of individuals to help some people, and prevent others, rise to positions of power.

To play the part of an angel, devil, god or spirit guide takes certain knowledge. For instance, to play the part of angel to a Muslim one would have to speak Arabic (the language of the Koran) and be very familiar with it’s content. The people in whatever part of the world they are communicating with have no idea they are from another country or even just other people who are out of their bodies. They don’t know if the “angel” is a serial rapist or a catholic priest. Playing the part to a Muslim takes very specific skills.

To play wise masonic advisor to a president also takes specific skills. Knowing how to navigate Washington DC to find the correct building and the political stance of the standing president would be necessary. The out of body person doesn’t necessarily have to be a mason, but does have to have knowledge of their rites. The people he communicates with don’t necessarily know if the guy is a serial rapist or a fascist supporter of a white supremacist group.

They don’t know if the two guys are trying to create a Shia empire to threaten US allies or destroy Israel.