It’s a 9/11 Tidbit

All the numerology guys have it wrong. The numbers 9112001 or 911 or whatever they try to tie to Masonry or witchcraft or the Kabbalah are incorrect. The reason; the 9/11 attacks were originally planned for Saturday 9/15. Hopefully 9/15 isn’t also a numerology thing.

The Controllers sold it as a way to limit casualties – less people at work. They hoped the whole thing was going to end in a declaration of martial law. They also hoped to put the blame squarely on the government, the military and the aforementioned groups ( Masons, witches and Jews). They had their mouthpieces online promoting those conspiracy theories immediately after. It was triggered earlier because they wanted more souls to program.

They had gotten wind their martial law crackdown wasn’t going to happen and blamed the aforementioned groups for the offense.

As part of that blame game then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was “guided” to give a speech on September 10th. During his speech he admitted Pentagon auditors could not account for $2.3 Trillion. That’s trillion with a “T.” Undoubtedly Rumsfeld was doing what he believed was the right thing. He came out with the information before anyone else got hold of it. In his speech he praised the military and it’s efforts and lamented the out dated accounting system and bureaucracy that handles the money. He promised to do his best to fix the problem. His speech on Sept 10th, 2001 can be seen here.

Little did he know the next morning would bring about the 9/11 attacks. Muslims guided by what they believed were angels of Allah flew planes into the Twin Towers building.

The speech about lost money made the Pentagon look complicit, as intended.