Important Update and Back Info

A number of souls have been taken to the kingdom of Fromm to be programmed. Those targeted have arrived while living via influence of people around them, and some have been taken after being harvested elsewhere. Some who have left have been forced to return.

We also know Fromm’s bestie, Hienrich Himmler, lives in the same region. We know this because it is an agreement of Controllers they get to keep their boys from past lives. Udo Von Worysch was Himmler’s boy. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves understand Controllers generally do not like to appear to be the guy in charge. Himmler was a fairly noticeable individual in the Third Reich, as well as the French Revolution. It may be he controlled Worysch or that the two shared the same Controller.

Basically Marx and Engels live in the same region. Note that Marx (Fromm) has been claiming to be Erwin Rommel although he isn’t. He has been dictating to the Neo Cons for some time.

They have been attempting to convince people in their region the killings, irascible acts and other strange phenomena are coming from outside their area. This is to cover their asses; laying the blame on outsiders from other states. It should also be noted they have forcefully taken souls away from other areas. They do not honor the same agreement or, they never had the same agreement with those from the other places.

According to Fromm, the guys in the southern part of their region (state and province) are the bosses and do the programming and possessing. According to the guys in the south the guys in the north do all that. According to some it’s another individual in the region entirely. They all fear whomever is handling the serial killers and the cops who can’t catch them. They may feel pressed into service.

Let’s think about the relationship between Jean-Baptiste de Couvrai (Fromm) and Maximilian Robespierre (Himmler). Couvrai was a leader of the Girondists, Robespierre was the leader of the Montagnards. The two factions were at odds. We know the two were inseparable friends in their next life. Couvrai’s obvious lies about the Montagnards enabled them to beat the Girondists in popularity. Robespierre’s Reign of Terror and the execution of Louis XVI followed. What if Couvrai’s lies were intended to sabotage his own Griondist faction? Couvrai enabled Robespierre’s slaughter but walked away accused of no more than being a fool and a poor politician. If one of these two was the boss, which was it?

All I know is Fromm is calling the political shots. Lately he spends most of his time out of body in a completely different city. From there he and his helpers pronounce dictates and attempt to manipulate both parties pretending to be other people. In this way he hopes to lay the blame on the other place. Helpers come to the same place and pretend to be the bosses. They claim to live there though they do not. They also bring their rapists and puppet masters in an effort to demonize those who reside there. Fromm has also sent servants to move to the other town.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to tell where the Marxists who are manipulating events are from.