Covid and Self Hatred

Fake conspiracy theories are a great way to hide real conspiracies. They can also divert blame away from the real perpetrators. Take this one about how space aliens built the Egyptian pyramids. Got news; they weren’t aliens, they were human rulers playing god with a bunch of slaves. The blocks are perfectly carved because if they weren’t the rock carvers were executed.

When it comes to the Covid virus, conspiracies abound. Doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Maybe we can learn something from them.

One of the theories blames Bill Gates for the virus. Gates is a successful entrepreneur who has dedicated a lot of money and time to helping those less fortunate. He is serving mankind in general by funding research into cures for polio. I guess that makes him an easy scapegoat.

The real question is; was the disease created in a lab and if so, was it accidentally or intentionally released?

The world has repeatedly seen leaders with a fascination for mass extermination. Funding for research and development of chemical and nuclear weapons have resulted in some infamous events. Events like the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, mustard gas in WWI and Saddam Hussein’s attempted extermination of the Kurds.

NBC training in the military stands for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons. Military members are taught the protocols and use of equipment to help them survive these types of attacks. The key here is the biological part; that means diseases. To deny there is research on weaponizing diseases is naive. It is believed certain countries were even researching race-specific bioweapons.

There were some interesting stories printed at the beginning of the pandemic that seam to have lost or never gained mainstream attention. One is a story about Nobel Prize winner Dr Luc Montagnier’s belief the virus was man made. He isn’t the only one.

One connection is right in everyone’s face, Dr Anthony Fauci and his US National Institute of Health. Not many are talking about it but he gave $3.7M grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He was ordered to stop funding their research in 2014 by then President Barack Obama when the latter became aware of it.

Why would China need a paltry $3.7M from the US to fund anything? That much money can’t even buy a decent sized mansion. It sounds like a lot of money to most people, but is pocket change in the realm of governments. Particularly the governments of the 1st and 2nd most powerful economies in the world. What it does do is make the US government seem complicit in a plot to start a pandemic. A few well placed Federal Agents to arrest and frame any potential whistle blowers doesn’t hurt. Why would it be set up to look like a plot involving the government if it wasn’t a plot by someone. It was pre-planned to scapegoat the government in case it got discovered.

Here’s another example intended to look as if there was US government cooperation with Communist China‘s nefarious operations.

Making people hate their own government is intended to inspire a revolution. A revolution led by figureheads. They will be chosen by those making us hate our government in the first place. The revolution may be violent or one conducted by voting. The guys planted in positions of power aren’t communicating with their leaders by means of secret telephone calls or invisible ink. They communicate on an entirely different level. That is what this is all about.