Vaccine Theories and a Capitalist Victory

I’ve seen some interesting COVID vaccine theories.

  • Myth: The disease doesn’t exist. Cooked up in a lab in Wuhan China or not, it exists.
  • Myth: It makes people sterile. Doubtful, at least not intentionally. They don’t want to decrease the population.
  • Myth: 5G networks spread the virus. That’s wacky. Read this
  • Myth: The vaccine inserts a trackable chip into people. Why? They can track your cell phone, credit and debit cards and car. They know what you watch on TV and when. They don’t need a chip to track you, waste of money.
  • Myth: Bill Gates created Covid. That’s socialist BS.
  • Myth: The vaccine makes you magnetic. Really?

What is true is there are some people out there trying their asses off to keep people from getting the vaccine. Has it occurred to anyone they may be the same forces that created the disease in the first place?

The Covid virus hasn’t killed a huge percentage of the people infected. What it has been able to do is spread like wildfire. That small percentage coupled with a high infection rate has created a large toll. 664,000 deaths are reported in the US or 2% of those infected according to worldometer. The number is smaller than the predicted 3.5% at the outset of the pandemic. What it has been good at is taking a big chunk from the economy.

Obviously talking people out of getting the vaccine is the most efficient way to increase the death toll. If surges spurred on by those who aren’t getting vaccinated continue the economic damage will also continue. Damage to our economy is a threat to National Security and our way of life. Socialists would love to see Capitalism fail so they can take over.

Speaking of which, chalk up a win for capitalism. Three large companies, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson were able to produce enough vaccine rapidly enough to stop the pandemic. A little flexibility in our system enabled President Biden to authorize it’s use prior to FDA approval during this emergency.

People criticize big pharma. That is their right and sometimes their duty. However, no one else could have pulled off this feat. They made a lot of money, sure, the biggest portion of it probably went to payroll. There’s nothing wrong with making a buck. We have the best system. Work with it for positive change. And…


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