Biden and 9/11 Documents

President Joe Biden instructed the FBI to release files on their 9/11 investigation (The Guardian). The move is in response to lawsuits brought by families of victims. They are attempting to sue Saudi Arabia for complicity in the attacks.

First a little background information. Every time you see the words in a news story “undisclosed source” or “speaking off the record” from an employee of the FBI ( or White House, Pentagon or whatever) you should be skeptical. Unauthorized public disclosure about activities, archives or conversations with politicians or officials is a serious crime. Employees are required to sign non disclosure agreements. If caught they will loose their job and probably face criminal penalties.

When a well meaning member of the press is interviewing one of their sources, odds are they are actually being used to disseminate information or misinformation. The information is sold as if it’s from a source more credible than the government. It probably is authorized, by whom is anyone’s guess. The different directors and politicians aren’t always necessarily communicating or working with each other.

The same is true of officials from other countries. The Saudi Embassy official named in a court filing suspected of having provided support for two of the 9/11 hijackers (YahooNews) wasn’t necessarily doing so under the direction of his government. He may have had no knowledge of what the men were up to. He may have been working as a saboteur against the royal family and the US. He may have been doing all that and not been aware of it.

This would be similar to FBI agents who conducted the operation at Ruby Ridge or the ATF agents who executed a search warrant in Waco TX. No one notified George Bush Sr ahead of time, that’s not how business is conducted.

According to the Huffington Post the FBI goofed when they released the officials name in the court filing. Was this really accidental? This leads us to the next question. If it was an intentional release of misinformation what are they trying to hide or who are they trying to protect?

Another FBI “goof” came in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. On September 14, 2001 they released a list of 19 people suspected to have been the perpetrators. Only problem is a bunch of them are still alive. They obviously weren’t hijackers.

Another point; many of them were supposedly from Saudi Arabia. It has now been determined the hijackers were able to make it to Germany where they obtained false identities. The FBI probably identified them from flight school documents, flight schools they had been warned about (CBSNews).

We know the Controllers like to set up their plots with pre arranged patsies. Often time the activities are designed to discredit enemies in the first place. The Ayatollah Khomeini and his Shia powerbase are the primary opponents of Saudi Arabia. The current, post Shah Iran was created by Controllers

The Saudi Royal family has nothing to do with 9/11 but someone wants us to think they do. There may have been some rogue elements competing for the throne involved. It would be no different if there were rogue elements in a police force, the FBI or ATF in our country. It doesn’t mean the entire government is guilty.