Selling the Holocaust

Getting people to work together is incredibly difficult. More so when trying to get them to do something they don’t perceive to be in their best interest. That’s why Controllers lie to people. They get out of body while they do this using stolen energy. Superstitious people believe only the holy can do that and they would be a specific color like blue or white. Superstitious people are easily confused.

Controllers like to sell the idea of mass extermination or holocaust like event. Different ways of doing this have been presented dating back to the 60s. Creating a race war, a world war, a pandemic or a revolution against the government have been presented as good ideas. The ideas have been sold with limited success but always by the same people .

Environmentalists are told a decrease in population would help the planet. Racists are told it would decrease the number of minorities in the country. The wealthy are told it would get rid of “dead weight” people (unemployable and elderly) who don’t produce but are supported by the system. The control freaks in high office are told they could round up undesirables and eliminate them from society during a period of social unrest. Each of the different groups thinks they (obviously) will be the ones to survive the extermination.

They are lying to everyone.

The effort to sell these ideas meets with limited success. It’s been planted in enough people’s minds so the attempts have actually been made. Most of the attempts were created by owned people. All of the events were orchestrated by the same people.

What they are really after is to reprogram a large number of people for use in their next lifetime. They also intend to make a world where doing so in the future will be easy. A world were they will still be worshiped by those they have raped and murdered.