Dualism, Social Engineering and the New Religion

Think of the things that could be accomplished by controlling two powerful groups in a society. Say for instance you had guys working for you. Say those guys were the heads of the Crips and the Bloods. The people in their gangs wouldn’t know and they (the two leaders) might not know you control them both.

You could start a turf war between them at will. You could keep them too busy competing with each other to become a real threat. You could get information on anyone from either organization. You could have one group assassinate a member of the other or vice versa. You would control all the drug trade. There would be no real competition for turf because you would own both gangs. And the beauty of it would be no one would know.

Let’s expand this idea to two neighboring nations. If either or both of them had internal problems, strife amongst the peasants, they could go to war. The leaders would have to play it somehow, maybe one accuse the other of sleeping with his wife or something of that nature. There would have to be a reason the two nations went to war for the history books of the future.

What we know of religions is that many of them are divided into two main groups. Of the most common there is Catholic and Orthodox Christianity, both officially born of 4th Century Rome. There are Sunni and Shi’ites in Islam. The disagreements between the two aforementioned types of Christianity amounts to dogma. The two major types of Islam arise from a disagreement about who should lead after Muhammed’s death. Are these real disagreements?

Understanding human nature is to understand that if there were only one society half of the people would revolt. There must be two organizations of religion and politics. Rather than risk a revolt it is more convenient to give them the illusion of choice. They can fight each other over things that don’t matter to the rulers all they want. It satisfies the human psyche. They must agree however, on the few things the real bosses want.

To illustrate this we can use the abortion debate. The left and the right, pro choice and pro life, different factions within each party argue about this issue. It’s important to people. It is not important to the rulers of society. If a super wealthy person wanted their daughter to have an abortion and it was illegal, they could send her quietly off to another country. She would have the best doctor in the world conduct the procedure and no one would be the wiser.

With these things in mind we must understand that every so often the gig gets discovered. People start to figure out who’s really pulling the strings and they get dangerous. The rulers tend to take over revolutionary movements and form them to their own ends. This is what happened in Rome. By the 3rd Century Romans no longer persecuted Christians, there were too many of them. By the 4th Century Constantine became a Christian. then Emperor and Christianity became the religion of state. Or should we say “two” Christianities became the religion of state.

Let’s add our knowledge of reincarnation and introduce the concept of Social Engineering. Creating or changing societies to make them easily taken over in future lifetimes. It is necessary to have alliances and people to help the transition into a new lifetime. Preferably those people are well to do and captains of society themselves. Some of those captains must be religious and some political. Does it not make sense to organize the society with a form of dualism? Of course it does and so it has always been.

The next step of Social Engineering in their attempt at world control is Socialism and Communism. They are both ideas from the same authors. There will be a sham form of democracy because they consider it inconvenient. Half the world they hope to create will be Communist, the other half Socialist. The economy will be completely under their control. This would prevent a rising middle class from gaining too much education or influence. The “New Religion” will be fraud psychology based on earlier religions they took over and bastardized. It has already been attempted but one lifetime wasn’t enough.

Religions historically have had their own system of justice, independent from the state. They also have their own system of administering that justice. There are the religious police of Islam and there were the Inquisitors of Christianity. Psychologists are the only people who can lock you up without a trial. They have been known to use electroshock therapy and lobotomies. Today they administer psychotropic drugs. Psychology has an added benefit for the rulers; there’s no history. Be that history written backwards or twisted, people may use it to figure them out.