What’s Coming Down the Pike?

We know some of the Controllers are pretty good at making Muslims think they represent Allah. They use this to get these guys to do crazy terrorist things. The true identity of the 9/11 hijackers is unknown. They can only be traced back to Germany where they obtained false identities. They may have traveled to Europe for that purpose. They may have been refugees who became radicalized after living there. No one really knows.

The Controllers search for a way to create another mass programming event goes back to one of their original plans. Create a huge terrorist attack and have the government, who they exercise some influence over, clamp down on civil liberties and arrest and possibly even execute people, Who do Controllers want to eliminate? The educated and the aware.

To sell this idea to the powers that can interfere, they will lay the blame on someone they don’t like. They don’t like Joe Biden; didn’t like him last time either apparently. They created the ongoing Afghan withdrawal fiasco by getting him to do what Obama and Trump were too smart to do. They will want to have firm control over the intended reaction to their terrorist attack. This means control over the Executive branch, even if it means a rigged election.

A great way to lay this on the democrats would be if the terrorist(s) was Afghani. It could be a sneaky Taliban type who passed himself off as a refugee. It could be an actual refugee who becomes radicalized with the Allah of Aramco or an unreasonable facsimile up in his head.

Gotta watch where they go and who they mess with.