But I Repeat Myself…..

Understand the problem with reincarnation is most people repeat themselves. By this I mean they do the same thing or sorts of things over and over. We can, by being students of history, determine what’s going on when we couple it with aware observation.

For example. We know Fromm’s reincarnation has been running around telling everyone he was Rommel in his last lifetime. He even lied about having served in Vietnam because the real Rommel did serve. Fromm’s been lying about it since 1968 when he guided James Earl Ray during and after his assassination of Martin Luther King. Though many of us know the truth he still lies about it. He and his buddies think they are going to bury the truth under a holocaust or inquisition.

I would like to point out some things from these Case Studies

From Rommel’s lifetime as Ludwig II he was obviously friends with Wagner. It is possible they were friends as Talleyrand and Marat. Marat was a true revolutionary being sabotaged by Robespierre and Louvet de Courvrai. Robespierre (leader of the Montagnards) was creating a soul harvesting (The Terror) event while Couvrai sabotaged the Girondin opposition to it. The two of them were sabotaging the French Revolution – they made sure Democracy would not prevail. The emperor Napolean was the result.

By observing the way they programmed Robespierre in his most recent incarnation, they are into gun control. Having used him to shoot up a school. Most will blame this on sorcerers playing democrat or liberal. You aren’t seeing it.

The Montagnard’s (liberals) leader was lopping off heads while one of the Girondin (conservatives) leader stopped any opposition to the slaughter. In the end both parties, democracy and Marat had historical egg on their face. Robespierre and Couvrai had heisted souls with a historical cover that would make Couvrai seem innocent.

Why are they into gun control? They are people playing god. They vampire energy and terrorize people and politicians. They use subjects to infiltrate the government, churches education system and political parties.They don’t want people to have access to weapons in case they get smart. Understand these are the types of guys who would drive a pick up with an NRA sticker on it but would posses children to shoot up schools in an effort to encourage gun control.