Here We Go Again

Sabateur infiltrator Senator Joe Manchin (D?R?S?) is at it again. With the simple Democrat majority his one vote is capable of really screwing up the left. He wants to put the kibosh on the $3.5 B budget plan to help kick start the US economy (NPR). Once again he helps his Controller masters who have long used Neo Cons to screw up the economy in a bid to make Socialism more appealing.

The President’s plan is a good one. Why not invest some money into our own country for a change? Since taking over DC, the gods of the Neo Cons have managed to turn China into a superpower and create the Iranian Shi’ite Dynasty. It takes money to make money, all businessmen know this. The investment will return itself times over as the economy continues to grow. Tax revenues from the economy (trade, business etc) is what the government funds itself on.

The gods are making quite a drama out of the whole vote. Back and forth, fabricated speeches, false facial expressions and b list acting. The average American doesn’t see through the smoke and mirrors. The vote is bound to look so darn close no one will suspect it’s rigged. A 50/50 senate has occurred so many times people behind the scenes will never be suspected. Manchin is their way to keep blame for the tumbling economy off their beloved neo cons.

Reality is, Marx and his buddies have been sabotaging the economy. They want to create an environment ripe for socialism. They don’t want to fix it.

You may remember when Joe and his buddy Moscow Mitch McConnel stopped the For The People Act. The voting rights act would, among other things, force states to get their voting computer systems disconnected from the internet. Probably to prevent another election fiasco like the one in 2016 when Trump supposedly “won” by -3 million votes. But, he got 107,000 votes in very suspiciously exactly correct districts (Washington Post). Trump has been diverting attention from it since his loss to Biden with his “Big Lie” thing.

The Dems have until midterm elections to accomplish some very important things. They need to redefine the Voters Rights Act and send it back to the 5 Neo Con appointed Supreme Court Justices ( and cross their fingers). They need to pass the infrastructure Budget Bill. It wouldn’t hurt to start looking at ways to de politicize the Supreme Court. It wouldn’t hurt to get an army of exorcists in DC.