The Taliban, Superstition and Mass Programming

Why did the Afghan military crumble in the face of the Taliban? The two forces were on more of an equal footing once the US was no longer in the fight. The government forces still had superior weapons. They had the bases and the defensive positions. They fled.

The answer lies in a concept called “the will to fight.” Basically the side that wants to win in a conflict will prevail given an equal footing. The spirit of the Afghan military was crushed because the US was leaving. They felt completely dependent.

There’s more to this story. If we consider reincarnation and indoctrination between lifetimes and from childhood in each lifetime we can gain a deeper understanding. Just like the Catholic Church and the Roman Empire before, people are programmed between lifetimes to conform to the accepted beliefs dictated by the Controllers.

Simply by believing dogma, that they know are lies, they enforce the belief systems that make people easier to control. Their thought lies permeate the collective consciousness. They knew the earth was a sphere because they get out of their bodies and cruise all over it. They knew it was flat into everyone’s brains because they didn’t want anyone else off exploring until they had complete control of the masses.

The Afghan Army was made up of people programmed to believe in Islamic religious dogma for lifetimes. The Taliban, by adhering and enforcing strict Sharia law gained a psychological advantage. In their belief system, part of an evolution of Abrahamic religions. rape, torture, murder of women and children is completely acceptable form of “Holy War.” When it came down to the fight, the Army’s subconscious belief the Taliban were “righteous” Islamic warriors and they themselves were somehow sinners destroyed their will to fight.

Don’t let that happen to our democracy.