Modus Operandi

The M.O. of the Controller brainwashers is their enemies are programmed to be used in such ways they will be remembered as villains. Their next life will be more difficult because of those in the know. By “in the know” I mean those who understand reincarnation. That’s why they make sure they appear to be the “good guys” even though they are the ones running the show. Those who served them are rewarded with power and wealth in their next lifetimes, usually. Feminists writers and activists are used in a way to keep them out of meaningful politics (see Case Study 33).

Here’s an interesting one (below). This is an example of a soul who had been an enemy of Republican (Neo Con) President Ronald Reagan. He was used in a ploy for gun control in his next lifetime. The Controllers who created and lead the Neo Cons want gun control. This is because they are just people. They have been misleading mankind to think they are ghosts, gods, space aliens or what have you. They fear the retribution they may receive if people ever figure them out. Most of their loyal right wingers are unaware of this part of their agenda. The same few guys are possessing and brainwashing people.

We know that people repeat their life patterns. What party do you think the Controllers of the Neo Cons created and led in their last lifetime?

Here is Case Study 12

Joseph P Addabbo
Jeff Weise

On the left is the birth chart of Congressman Joseph P Addabbo, D, Queens, NY. Addabbo was known for his support of racial equality. He was also known for his hawkish stance against the military spending of the Reagan administration. His district was even redrawn in an attempt to remove him from office. He was a thorn in the sides of the Neo Cons.

On the right is the birth chart of Jeff Weise, a 16 year old Ojibwe boy who killed 9 and injured 5 others in a school shooting before turning his weapon on himself. An obvious brainwashee; Weise idolized Adolf Hitler (also a set up) and tried to convince other indigenous students of his merit. He had made two attempts at suicide the year prior to the mass shooting. Another school shooting to make a case for gun control.