Brainwashing or Why Everyone Believes BS

Soul harvesting, or the brainwashing of a soul to set them up for use in their next lifetime, has been in use by sorcerers for centuries. Some examples are on my reincarnation Case Study page. The way this is accomplished is by rape, torture and murder. It is even possible to brainwash someone to commit the murders for the Controller.

The first part of the process is the painful/traumatic death of the subject. This puts an emotional block on the soul’s ability to recall a past life. This can also be done through abuse of the subject as a child as in the cases of Charles Manson and James Earl Ray. Both were abused as boys and later used to commit criminal acts in the interests of the Controllers. They would not have had an easy time recalling a past life and reaching enlightenment.

The block installed by the traumatic death also serves to instill fear in the subject’s subconscious they carry with them to their next lifetime. These traumatic experiences can also be instilled in the time between lifetimes. This fear will be present if they meet their abuser in the next lifetime. The ego of the subject will not allow self admission of this fear. The desired result is the submission of the subject to the controller.

The psychological result is referred to as “Stockholm Syndrome.”

The subject will obey the Controller, often with no questions asked. Their ego will perceive they are strong warriors for their Controller. This is encouraged and helps the subject avoid the realization they are simply afraid and being used for evil purpose. Purpose that will actually perpetuate their own servitude as well. They will believe lies told to them by the Controller. Just as is witnessed when a bully tells a lie to people’s faces and they all believe it from fear. The weird thing is; they actually do believe the lies at the level of ego.

Persons who figure this out are often used as subjugate soul harvesters without their knowledge. Some of them are trying to create servants for themselves for their next life. John Wayne Gacy said he buried his victims under his house so he could control their souls afterward and keep them from revealing what he had done. Ted Bundy thought he was making girlfriends for his next life. However someone more powerful than Gacy and Bundy would end up controlling those souls. These guys don’t get caught by the police because Controllers are running interference for them. What these perpetrators don’t know is the Controller will reprogram those subjects before their next lifetime for his benefit.

This sets up the Controllers to have some very obedient and easily deceived souls at their service. This strategy has been used for centuries. Moloch and the Pharoah in the time of Moses (maybe the same guy?) were harvesting boys in the Tanakh. Child sacrifice has been extensively used by Controllers for this purpose. Rape, torture and murder committed by religions created and infiltrated over repeated lifetimes by Controllers is the norm. This comes in the form of public executions like stoning women to death for adultery. Afterwards their souls are programmed through rape and torture by the priest in charge.

Does all this sound crazy? Explain why so many women seek out rapist/murderers to marry once they are in prison. Answer: they’ve been burned at the stake too many times.

Mass killings take this tactic to the next logical level. To play god, the Controllers can brainwash multiple victims. The Roman Games, the Inquisition and the Holocaust are all examples of mass brainwashing events. Wars can also be used to harvest large numbers of souls. The victims would, on a subconscious level, deify their murderers; in this instance the Nazi leadership. The so called “scientific research” on Jewish children was no more than Molech back at work. Note how the head Nazis like Himmler committed suicide by pain pill. There is a big conspiracy theory about how Hermann Goring was able to procure a pain pill and commit suicide in his cell before his scheduled execution by hanging.

Perpetrating this strategy into the future is of prime importance to the Controllers. It has traditionally been accomplished through religious means. The Controllers reincarnate like everyone else so they set themselves up to be re trained and lifted up again by official and unofficial religions. One thing these religions have in common; they officially deny reincarnation.

The future the Controllers have envisioned to keep themselves on top of the psychic heap is one that rids the world of religious history that can potentially reveal their activities and replaces it with dogma filled psychology. They intend to disarm future generations so they will not be able to resist tyranny. Their “New Society” will allow for mass incarceration, reprogramming and murder of subjects. Their intention is to create a world ruled by Socialism and Communism.