Who is Playing God

To truly understand Biblical writings we must use logic. Logic is a part of our natural tool box. The first thing I usually hear from people’s is the Bible contradicts itself. Yes it does, but maybe it’s supposed to.

There is a large number of Bible versions. The books are still being edited by people today. The NIV Bible was first published in 1973. There are 104 English ones listed on Wikipedia. I think we can say there are people taking liberty with the BIble.

One of the tenets of the Bible is that God is unknowable. A lot of people in the Bible talk to God and He answers them. This obvious contradiction is intentional. They aren’t talking to God but to someone who is claiming to be God – you can’t talk to someone who is unknowable.

The first group of people to take liberty with Christianity were the Roman priests and royalty. They formed the Catholic and Orthodox churches and destroyed any writings they didn’t want to include. They took over the religion and made it their own like Fromm and his cohorts took over QAnon. They included most of the Tanakh as the Old Testament. They took liberties with those books as well.

It is a good idea to include the Jewish Tanakh in understanding Jesus because he was a Jew. He often referred to Jewish history when he spoke. The problem is the editing under the eye of Konstantine. He was the General who converted to Christianity and later became emperor; part of the charade aimed at taking over the religion. Konstantine, like Abraham, killed his son.

Wait what? In some of the earliest known versions of the “Binding of Isaac” it is unclear if Abraham let Isaac go. It is also confusing if whomever was being referred to as “God” was commanding him or if he was simply claiming “God” told him to do it. It may be the one claiming to be God was taking the blame for Abraham. In Jesus’ time many believed Abraham had killed Isaac.

Therein is a important distinction. The earliest versions are the most true. The only thing the rewrites tell us is who is doing the editing. You’ll notice I most often refer to Old Testament writings from the actual Tanakh.

Another thing to understand is the history of the Jews. They were led out of Egypt by Moses around 1500 BC. Prior to this they had been enslaved by the Egyptians. Prior to Moses on the mount they were not monotheists.

Taking control of Moses and claiming to be the one’s who led him and the Jews out of Egypt was a way to keep control of the group, much like Konstantine and the Romans with Christianity. The 10 Commandments are based on the Egyptian commandments from the Book of the Dead (skeptics).

The Pharaoh was playing god to Moses while his buddies puppet mastered those waiting below the mountain. Setting up the Jews to be monotheists created a new and usable duality in contrast to Egyptian polytheism. Both religions had your basic good cop, bad cop theme going on – Ra and Anubis.