The Truth About Sodom and Gomorrah

History repeats itself. The reason it repeats itself is because people repeat themselves, lifetime after lifetime. Yes, I’m talking about reincarnation. That is reason the Bible stories are important, and the reason they remain relevant.

To truly understand the stories one has to be aware and knowledgeable in the ways of the Controller’s sorcery. To understand why their big shows are important is to realize they are the one’s who are actually controlling politicians, and revolutionaries, religious leaders and heretics, military officers and traitors, law enforcement and criminals.

They use politics and religion to control the evolution of society on a global scale. They use politics and religion to create mass programming opportunities so they can kill off the aware and continue to play god. The same guys orchestrated the holocaust and the Spanish Inquisition. They orchestrated countless other events throughout history for the same purpose.

Currently, Abraham and his Egyptian cohorts are setting up Sodom and Gomorrah by traveling there while out of body and raping people. They claim to be from those towns while they commit these acts in order to demonize those towns. They have committed atrocities in the towns (and others) against women and children that have been witnessed by aware inhabitants. They wish to bury the truth and make themselves seem righteous. Abraham washes his hands although he is the prime architect.

Bereshit Chapter 12

At the same time, the boy raping army of Spartans are attempting to destroying Athenian democracy (Peloponnesian War).

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Why are Soddom and Gomorrah synonymous with sin? Because the victors write the history books, or at least ok them for print. The victors where playing god. These stories are constantly being rewritten. New versions are presented in Christianity and Islam. The reason is Abraham and his buddies keep repeating themselves and don’t like the record of their past being recognized. It’s not like they want to change their ways. It’s the same reason they keep trying to wipe out the Jews. It’s the same reason Abraham wants to criminalize religion.


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