Comparing Gibeah and Sodom

The story of Judges or Shoftim 19-21 is very similar to the story of Soddom and Gomorrah (from yesterday’s post). It’s an interesting read. A Levite goes to retrieve a wife who left him. On their return she is raped and murdered in a town of Benjaminites. The story is similar to the experience of Lot.

The man in the story takes her body, raises an army of Jews and they destroy the town. At night when the army is sleeping “god” or “the Lord” comes and tells them what to do. At the end of the battle they spare the lives of a few hundred of the cities male inhabitants. They then let them steal wives from a tribe that didn’t partake in the war.

One thing worth noting is the two main characters. Lot and the Levite from the Judges story do not behave in a similar fashion. They may be completely different people; forced, tricked or manipulated into a similar situation. The situation was created by the same sorcerers in their different lifetimes.

We can’t be too sure of the true events inside the cities of Sodom or Gibeah. Did the Levite toss out his concubine or was it the man with whom they stayed. Why does the story call her alternately wife and concubine? Were there two women? Do we know the man who left Sodom was really Lot? Maybe his wife turned to go back to him. What about the Levite?

Some of the guys who were spared at the end of the battle in Gibeah were same guys who committed the initial rape and murder. They weren’t initially from the town, the Controller playing god sent them there to make the town seem evil. He could harvest the original inhabitants’ souls and look holy at the same time.

His infiltrators, allowed to steal wives, created the new tribe of Benjaminites. It was one more to the liking of the Controller playing god behind the Levite’s sleeping head. The Levite’s wife could be programmed to harness him in next lifetime. The souls of Gibeah had been harvested to be re educated between lifetimes.