Extra Extra!!

Today some of Fraud Fromm’s helpers promise to “end Judas Priest” because he pointed out how Fromm (aka the Allah of Aramco) was trying to arrange another terrorist attack in his attempts to get martial law. The JP guy pointed out that guys from the Fiefdom of Fromm had been helping him in the Middle East when he was playing Allah.

JP pointed out that Fromm had already sold his buddies from Mordor down the river to the Generals. Fromm sold all the QAnon types out by misleading them into the Jan 6 stupidity. It’s his nature. Fromm knows the names of the guys who helped him. JP doesn’t. Fromm wants his son to be the one they blame for being identified to the Generals because that’s how Fromm rolls.

They (Fromm’s MFs) then f’ed up (that is erased the memory of) Fromm’s homie helpers.

I guess they don’t want them to know Fromm is again playing both sides against the middle. Fromm can’t get the Generals/Politicians to declare martial law if he can’t get his hommie helpers from Mordor to create the excuse. The excuse would be a terrorist attack, race war or whatever else Fromm might have in his aging, dark ages, racist, weasel brain.

They erased the memory of his homie helpers so he can get the attack/excuse. Fromm will then use the generals to create a witch burning holocaust. After they’ve collected the souls of enough girls and boys and burned enough angels at the stake, he’ll get the homie helpers souls too, Then he’ll take them all to be born in the next kingdom (rinse repeat). Fromm doesn’t want them to know he already sold them out to make friends with the Generals.