In Case You Missed It

Phil, that’s Fromm who calls himself Rommel, has been going to NM out of body with his gang of rapists from Mordor. He’s been surrounding his son’s living quarters and having his son’s former girlfriends repeatedly raped. The rapists and their Controller claim to be from Santa Fe. They aren’t. Three or four claim to be guys who’s turf are in the city but are also from the Evil Empire.

As can be expected they are all wealthy white guys using dark energy. Their claim to be from the city in NM puts a whole new twist on the story of Soddom and Gomorrah and the battle of Gibeah. They alternatively claim to be liberals or conservatives. This tends to get them supported, also alternatively, by liberals or conservatives. Such is the nature of humans. The reality is they are neither. They are fascists. In the past they have claimed to be Jews or Black people. This use of energy color is the basis for religious dogma and systemic racism present throughout human history. They also rape men.

The women are not present of their own accord. Fromm, in his pompous Louvet de Couvray style uses their voices. When a Controller is using someones’ voice it means they are controlling that person. For instance, in their made up sex game (to cover for rape) if someone runs a Controller can cause them to run slower or stop. Once caught one of their rapists can catch them. Most of the stuff is being controlled by the bigger ones looking down. The bigger ones have vampired more energy and are hence larger.

Fromm, that’s Phil not Rommel, claims all kinds of falsehoods against his son. It’s lies is to cover his own ass. He also tries to take credit for his son’s ideas. At the same time he lays the blame for his own politics on his son. In other words the politics he espouses are sabotage bs he doesn’t want to take the blame for. Phil, although you won’t hear him say it, is extremely racist. He became famous and allowed to be powerful by guiding James Earl Ray. He has since guided the Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, George Bush Jr and Donald Trump.

He has an army of fascist paid white guys helping him. Some pretend to be liberal, some pretend to be conservative.

The show (for the Glory of Phil) is used as a call to attract psychics “who make” it or can get out of their body. The same Controllers who create the show are trying to get control over these people and the fascist rapists. The Controllers created the Inquisition and the Holocaust in the first place.

The Controllers claim to be counter culture but control, or at least influence, the real deep state. They claim to be rebels but are trying to create a new witch hunt. The rapists and torturers work for their masters on the other side just as they did on this side while working at the death camps or in the basement of the Churches. The Controllers want to take their souls too.

This is understanding