Baldwin Talks to Reporters

Actor Alec Baldwin talked to reporters about the deadly shooting on a movie set in Santa Fe, NM. He expressed sorrow and called the incident a one in a trillion event (CBS News). I don’t think he got the math quite right but he’s not wrong; it’s off the charts statistically speaking.

The great white fascist sorcerer Fromm from Canaan took credit in his sort of sociopath braggart way. His troopers from Mordor took credit for it. They don’t like Baldwin making fun of Fromm’s boy Trump and they don’t like the subject matter of the movie. It’s supposed to be about a wanted man escaping from Kansas to the New Mexico territory and being pursued by a pair of bounty hunters.

Back in the day sorcerers activities were claimed by their priests and preachers as “acts of God.” That would include rape, torture and the killing of women and children to punish sinners. Fromm played the part of god for quite a while and now calls himself Rommel. He’s got a buddy playing Satan – good cop bad cop you know.

So cool we’ve moved beyond that kind of superstition, or have we….

Are there ways they could have caused this shooting? Absolutely. Did they make it happen? Too early to tell.