A 4th Dimensional View of the Third Reich

Watching Fromm (still claiming to be Rommel) run about from putting on a show in the morning near his sleeping son telling Trumpers what to do from following Trump himself around is almost dizzying. What is this crazy vampire up to? He’s doing what most people do, repeating his life patterns. This helps us to understand their past life and the story of the Third Reich

You’ll notice Fromm’s Valkyries (staff) helping him out. They may or may not be aware of why, but they are repeating their past life pattern as well. We also notice Fromm simply will not quit. He keeps manipulating, lying, raping, putting on a political circus and then trying again.

The 20 July 1944 plot was an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler’s life. Fromm’s staff, notably Claus Von Stauffenberg, were behind the attempt. It failed. Hermann Goering ordered the arrest of these men. Fromm had them executed upon their return. Fromm was then imprisoned. He was executed by firing squad with one last dramatic statement ” I die because it was ordered, I only wanted what was best for Germany.” Friedrich Fromm died on 12 March, 1945. The German surrender of WWII was on 8 May, 1945; 6 weeks later.

After WWI, Hitler remained in the army. He was assigned to an intelligence unit and sent to infiltrate the German Worker’s Party (DAP). Unbeknownst to most, the DAP was a Masonic front, designed to observe and report information on working class extremists. In addition it put itself into a situation to influence those people, giving it’s leaders a way to temper their activities. Founders Dietrich Echardt and Karl Harrer were also members of the Thule Society.

Hitler took over the party and moved to make it more mainstream. It was renamed the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP). Harrer, among others, left the organization not wanting to be involved in it’s expansion.

Putting all this together brings us to the obvious. Someone was guiding Hitler. He was being used as a tool to take over Germany. If it didn’t start with Fromm it ended up being handed to him at some point. While sitting in his office in Berlin, Fromm was getting out of his body and handling Hitler. His plan, kill off the Jews and other “undesireables” in a consolidation and control operation. He would simultaneously turn Germany into an Empire. Once this was accomplished he could stage a coup against Hitler, the man he was controlling, and be the great hero savior of the nation.

Hitler (and his handler Fromm) pushed hard to take as much land as possible. The strategy failed. Germany was losing the war in 1944. Everyone had a pretty good idea the gig was up. Forced to improvise, his staff attempted to assassinate Hitler. The plan, had it succeeded would have given Fromm the upper hand in becoming the new king. He was in command of the “Replacement Army.” This was the force in Germany proper.

Fromm would have surrendered to the Allies attempting to keep as much land as possible. The holocaust may have continued, most of the world was unaware of it’s enormity or existence. Fortunately, the plot failed and with it the existence of the Third Reich.

Most readers never heard of Fromm. Hitler was and is the face we associate with Nazi Germany, by design.