Comparing the SLA and the Manson Family

How do the two cults, the Symbionese Liberaton Army and the Manson Family relate to each other? They had the same Controller and handlers.

The Manson Family was primarily active in 1968 and 69. The SLA was primarily active in the years 1973 -75.

The activities of both sets of zombies served to discredit their leftist causes. As pointed out before, this would give the Controller and his handlers license among wealthy, right-wing psychics. Same MO. It may even give them some sway with leftists with gumby brains.

They’d feed different stories to the different groups of course, fooling them both. Weird quirk of humanity, both groups believe the Controller’s BS. Both groups fear them from their time between lifetimes. Both groups will thus assume the Controllers are on “their” side when, in reality, they are on neither side. That’s what holocausts (and inquisitions) are for.

The SLA was a bit more toned down than the Manson Family.

The Manson Family targeted enemies of the Nazis. Roman Polanski for his version of how the Controllers are protected by wealthy cultists when they reincarnate (Rosemary’s Baby) and for being a Jew. Manson himself was an enemy of the Nazis in his past life, believing in peaceful socialism. Cant’ harvest souls with peace.

The SLA targeted a relative of an enemy of the Nazis, William Randolph Hearst‘s grand daughter Patricia Hearst.

Creating small cults is similar in a fashion to creating terrorist cells. These guys could also take over a pre-existing cult. Creating cults is similar to creating religions. These two cults are not the only ones they have created.

Here’s another point, these controllers are working with the one(s) who controlled Jeffrey Epstein gaining dirt on the wealthy and influential, helping sabotage the economy all these other Fromm plots. Relating to all the posts on this site since Dec 21.