Vote Fraud in the 2000s

Voter fraud is at least as old as our democracy, and probably older. According to the Heritage Foundation, last year 1,152 cases of federal voter fraud resulted in convictions. That’s a low rate. The 1,152 votes can’t really be described as a conspiracy or even a pattern. If that number were for one candidate it wouldn’t have thrown the vote.

There have been some strange elections for the office of President in the last two decades. In 2000 George Bush Jr beat Al Gore. Bush received 50,456,002 votes (47.9%) and Gore received 50,999,897 votes (48.4%). The difference was about 544K votes with Gore winning the popular election. The electoral college gave Bush 271 votes and Gore 266. It was the first time since 1888 a president won the electoral vote but lost the popular vote.

There was quite a bit of outrage. Florida was the center of the elections attention. Reports of fraud and people being turned back at the polls were rampant. The Bush lead was around 2,000 votes in the state. Gore petitioned for, and received a recount. The recount was vacated by the Supreme Court and the votes reported resorted to the original ones. Jeb Bush’s Florida gave George Jr the electoral votes he needed. Bush was set to be a lame duck if it hadn’t been for 9/11.

People threw tomatoes at Bush Jr’s car after the inauguration. The Supreme Court had selected the president ( The election results in general had been suspiciously close. A lot was said about it in the 4th D, particularly in Santa Fe NM.

In 2004 there was another hotly contested election. This time Bush Jr beat John Kerry with the popular vote and the electoral vote. There was still an uproar caused initially by the “red shift” in results. When people went to bed on election night Kerry was the predicted winner. The next morning a Bush victory was announced (democraticunderground).

In New Mexico citizens filed a petition with the state government and $200,000 for a recount. According to estimates 58% of mail in ballots had been rejected. Voting machines in some districts did not show the vote for president but did for the other offices and issues listed. In Bernalillo County there were more votes for Bush than there were voters. It was blatant, and that was the point- payback for questioning the 2000 elections. It was to make NM seem responsible.

Then Governor Bill Richardson (Epstein’s buddy) decided to not proceed with the recount. In the net legislative session the amount of money necessary to file for a recount was raised to $2 million. The electoral votes from NM (5) would not have affected the outcome anyway.

The elections of Barrak Obama were not close enough to be contested. In 2008 Obama beat McCain with 52.9% of the popular vote and 385 vs 173 electoral votes. In 2012 He defeated Mit Romney with 51.1% of the popular votes and 332 vs 206 electoral votes

In 2016 strange things were again afoot. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote 65,853,514 to 62,984,828 ( by 2,868,686 votes). Donald Trump ended up with 304 electoral votes against Clinton’s 227 for the win.

This was another blatant manipulation. The populace was astonished; the legitimacy of our government was at stake. The press and Congress started looking into allegations of foreign meddling (from Russia) and Facebook’s affect on the elections. The problem with that analysis is – even if foreigners were bombing Facebook with fake news Trump still lost the popular vote. The online manipulations did not result in a Clinton loss by voters.

Clinton lost in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. In totality she lost by 79K votes (Vanity Fair). The other strange thing? Fromm following his son around NM with his tongue sticking out, thinking and stumping for Trump. His son had always said he was “not a fan” of Trump and called him the “Trump Puppet.” Not a fan?

How hard would it be to use the internet to hack just the right voting machines? Owning someone who worked for or had worked for Microsoft might work. If those machines were required to be disconnected from the net if would be very difficult. Of course, Joe Manchin‘s Controller doesn’t like that, so he opposes the For the People Act of 2021.

On Jan 6th there was a riot at the White House. Trump had been declaring the 2020 elections to be fraudulent. They weren’t; he lost by an incredible 7 million votes. 4 million more than the first time. This was a turning of the tables. He was getting people’s minds off the election fraud that got him into office. The QAnon types that showed up got video taped and identified by the NSA. They can now be observed in their natural habitats and their associates also identified. They were allowed to destroy property and create a big scene. Lives were lost. The biggest win for Controllers; anyone who contests elections in the future will look like an idiot because of Jan 6th.


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