There is No Such Thing as Coincidence

The strategic placement of reincarnated souls in the years 1900 to 1954 can be seen in four cases. They are

Each one was a German member of royalty or a Nazi VIP in their prior life (see associated case studies). Each one was guided (led by an out of body handler) to a position of power in their new nation. They rose from fairly humble beginnings to become authoritarian socialist dictators in the targeted nations. The humble beginnings made each one a hero to the masses they would woo with populist rhetoric.

Khomeini was born in Iran. Possibly put there for oil access. It’s also possible the Controllers wish(ed) to create a fake sort of Beast from the East (Persia) play and make everyone believe the judgement had come and now “God” (one of them playing the role) could rule the new world order they would create.

Manuel Noriega was born in Panama, obviously for control over the Panama Canal. Little did they know their boy Rommel would screw the pooch trying to take the Suez Canal 9 years later.

Saddam Hussein was born in Iraq, obviously an attempt for control of more oil. There is also the added benefit of the library of Baghdad, full of information they want in their effort to find out about and destroy evidence of their past. They prefer to rewrite religious history, not have annoying things like the Dead Sea Scrolls pop up.

Hugo Chavez was born in Venezuela, another OPEC nation.

If things had gone according to plan the Controllers would have taken over all of Europe and most, if not all, of Russia. The next lifetime they would have been working on taking over the Americas and the Middle East. Things didn’t go as they planned.

It is important to understand this has been going on for a long time. It is also necessary to understand it is going on today-right now. What are they up to now? What countries are they sending the souls of their boys to next in their efforts at creating a Marxist new world order?

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