Up in Mordor

For those following along for the past few days we’ve been exploring the way the fascist sorcerers of Mordor harvest and brainwash souls. They have no qualms about grabbing someone they want (identified from past life and/or energy type) when they are a child. They program these souls to serve them in different capacities.

The souls we focused on were those of Wesley Allan Dodd, brainwashed soul harvester and his victims (Case Study 5 and Case Study 6). If we think about his last victim; Joseph Iseli was Udo Von Worysch, a former Nazi. Upon initial inspection it seems the Nazi is the victim of a former anti-Nazi prosecutor.

This is the way Controllers and their servant Handlers want it to appear. The reality is Purvis was brainwashed, handled and possessed to commit child murders. The victims were specific high value targets. If caught, which he was, anyone who knows and is doing charts might see who they had been. It plays into the Controllers propaganda game.

The Controllers were called out on this one. Their choice of screwing up Purvis’ mind to punish him for prosecuting Nazi war criminals appeals to other fascist sorcerers. They didn’t count on also getting called out on his last victim. Worysch was a loyal Nazi. He obeyed and performed his duties well. They manipulated his family to get him close then had him raped and killed to regain ownership. The other Nazis don’t like that.

That is the way the Controllers program people. It doesn’t matter to them if the targets are men, women or children. They have attempted to sell this method of control to power players as a way to keep their hordes under control. They use false psychology (that they made up) as an argument.

There is an argument within Mordor itself as to who was the Controller and/or Handlers that used Dodd. The way it is played is by geography. He, and Munger, operated in the southern part so the guys in that part are called responsible.

This may be false. Fromm (who calls himself Rommel but isn’t) loves to play that card when he and his goons are operating outside of their territory. They blame the locals for their activity. Fromm’s place is in the north part of Mordor.

We should note there are many more Mungers and Dodds running around. They are not getting caught. Munger was arrested after an embarrassing show where Fromm was trying to setup a traveler in the region. Ostensibly to take the blame for the molester following the traveler in a similar vehicle. Munger was probably not that person. He was used for the blame because he was also someone the Nazis didn’t like last time.

Another point of contention is, why bring Dodd back again? He was Cetan in his next incarnation, born in Turkey. This time he shot up a mall out of jealousy over a woman. Maybe that makes it all better? Was this to play off that Controllers from Fromm’s region were responsible when he was Dodd? It’s hard to say. Fromm is the emperor and in Nazi fashion the others will take the blame for him. This allows him to continue to con the world, it’s masses and governments.

Cetan’s crime was in the north. We can say (despite Fromm and his compatriots supposedly being right wingers) they have been creating events with children to prompt calls for gun control. This is because they are all just people. They have spent lifetimes hiding behind castle walls and priestly robes. They claim to be angels, demons, ghosts, vampires and even space aliens. What they are is sociopath rapists and murderers playing god. They don’t like the idea of an armed aware populace.