Socialism and Racism; Marx

Yesterday’s post was about the anti Semitism and sexism of Phil, who calls himself Rommel but is really Fromm. Fromm was, of course, Karl Marx.

Some racist Karl Marx quotes

Tremaux “proved that the common Negro type is the degenerate form of a much higher one … a very significant advance over Darwin.” Karl Marx, letter to Friedrich Engels, August 7, 1866

“The Jewish nigger Lassalle who, I’m glad to say, is leaving at the end of this week, has happily lost another 5,000 talers in an ill-judged speculation. The chap would sooner throw money down the drain than lend it to a ‘friend,’ even though his interest and capital were guaranteed. … It is now quite plain to me—as the shape of his head and the way his hair grows also testify—that he is descended from the negroes who accompanied Moses’ flight from Egypt (unless his mother or paternal grandmother interbred with a nigger). Now, this blend of Jewishness and Germanness, on the one hand, and basic negroid stock, on the other, must inevitably give rise to a peculiar product. The fellow’s importunity is also nigger-like.” Karl Marx, “Marx to Friedrich Engels in Manchester,” 1862

“Indian society has no history at all, at least no known history. What we shall call its history is but the history of the successive invaders who founded their empires on the passive basis of that unresisting and unchanging society.” Karl Marx, New York Daily Tribune, August 8, 1853

“Russia is a name usurped by the Muscovites. They are not Slavs, do not belong at all to the Indo-German race, but are des intrus [intruders], who must again he hurled back beyond the Dnieper, etc.” Karl Marx, letter to Friedrich Engels, June 24, 1865.

(more quotes from Stoppingsocialism)

It should be no surprise that the Hitler puppet of Controller Fromm had a Final Solution to Marx’s Jewish Question.

The Nazis called themselves Aryans, the conquerors of the Indus Valley and adopted the Swastika, a Sanskrit symbol. These acts were to demonize Hinduism. Fromm (the real boss) never intended for Hitler to continue to rule. Fromm intended to take his place once the dirty work had been completed.

The Third Reich was very interested in attacking the Soviet Union, more so than attempting to invade England. All of the efforts of the Nazis directly correlate to Marx’s views.

The tyrant giant Phil was tricked into admitting he handled James Earl Ray during the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968. Phil claims he is Rommel so he probably wasn’t too worried, someone else would be taking the blame. Now it is apparent Phil was not Rommel but Fromm. So we might have had sympathy for him, but he never rode on a tank. It should come as no surprise he wanted to start a race war in the US. His war was never intended to be to help the environment. So far he and his controllers have only succeeded in creating riots and protests.