Phil’s Politicians

There are interesting things about Phil (see yesterday’s post). One is when he messes up and admits to having molested a 12 year old, he simply puts on a show, pretends he won and that his son gave in to his false accusations. The other is that his buddy’s gunky pretends he is Fromm’s son for this act. He also commits acts of rape on the other side to help the socialists. Another is that when Phil looses, they fuck up someone else and call him “Phil.” These socialists put on quite a show for their beloved king.

None of this really matters to them. They have to do something wrong to make it. What that means is they commit a crime that the rulers of Mordor can put them away for. They are allowed to run around on the other side and serve. If they go against the Marxists they will be put away. They used Epstein the same way, gaining leverage on someone then helping them to a position of power.

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