Ukraine Invasion Simplified

President for Life Vlad Putin‘s <<< (and his Handler’s) invasion of Ukraine has a much simpler explanation than anyone would believe. Watching political analysts on tv talk at length about all the “reasons” is cumbersome. Is it that the US didn’t do enough to deter him (as if that makes invasions ok)? Is it that big scary NATO might get Ukraine as a member? Is it that Vlad’s 5’5″ stature gives him a Napoleonic psyche?

None of these things are true. Here’s why.

In 2020 the Belarusian President for Life Alexander Lukashenko <<< was almost evicted from the country he has been “president” of since 1994. Protests erupted when he won re election. The referendum was declared “not free or fair” by the United States. Lukashenko asked the Russians for asylum. The Russians permanently stationed 30,000 troops in Belarus, keeping him in power.

Lukashenko has been accused of crimes against humanity and political repression through extrajudicial executions and torture including anal rape. Lukanshenko is completely reliant upon Putin for his continued dictatorship. Saddam Hussein << held a Belarusian passport and may have been hoping to escape there before he was captured.

It should be no surprise that in February of 2014 when then Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych <<was voted out of office by the Ukraine parliament that Putin flexed his military. Within a month Russian forces invaded the Crimea and Donbass.

Putin and his Handlers want their guys running the Baltic States. Bonus points for clicking the blue script.

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