Vlad Goes All In

President for Life Vlad Putin‘s Handler sent him all in on his assault of Ukraine. Vlad’s been messing with the Baltic States since first becoming the Russian Heffe in 1999. He even has his own motorcycle gang, the Night Wolves, to intimidate those hostile to the Kremlin’s influence.

In 2008, the Russian military occupied a region of Georgia called South Osettia on the behalf of an ethnic Russian militia seeking self rule.

In 2014 the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine saw the ousting of then President Viktor Yanukovich. Yanukovich was against signing free trade agreements with the European Union. The Euromaiden protests were met with heavy handed riot police tactics. The oppressive strategy resulted in the deaths of 130 protesters. The demonstrations lasted for 2 months. On February 21 the parliament, in a 328 – 0 vote, relieved Yanukovich of his position. He appealed to Russia for assistance saying the vote was illegal.

A few days later Russian troops invaded the Crimea, home to a Russian naval base. The world did not react to this move. The region is still occupied by the Russian military.

In March Russian separatists in Donbass declared themselves independent and started a war against the Ukrainian forces there. Putin supplied them with weapons, military contractors and troops.

In 2020, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko won what was considered rigged elections (The Atlantic). Protests erupted and the West sanctioned the country. Lukashenko turned to Putin for help. Belarusian and Russian military units conducted joint exercises on Belarusian soil. Then it was announced the Russians, 30,000 troops, were there to stay. They helped suppress the protests and Lukashenko stayed in power.

The current invasion of Ukraine has been long in the making. Putin wants to insure the governments in the Baltic states are ruled by his buddies.