Social Engineering of the Third Reich

The Controllers were attempting to make a perfectly cohesive empire with an easily manipulated populace. The dystopian themes of a surveillance society bound by a single political party with complete economic control are not an invention of Orson Wells. He witnessed it rising.

One of the main themes of this Marxist society was the elimination of the Jews. It is not a new theme. Titus, Constantine I, Ferdiand II, Philip the Fair, indeed most western tyrants through history had the same intention. The New World Order is really a ruse invented by the Old World Order.

Why the Jews? What is it about the Jews the Controllers dislike? They have kept their religion alive for over 3500 years. The religion includes honest and accurate depictions of the Controllers in action in different situations. Like most people, the giants repeat their life patterns over and over. This makes the easily recognizable in the present and will in the future, if one reads the original versions in the original language. Controllers recognized this a long time ago and have gone through great pains to rewrite those stories to hide themselves.

Marxism eliminates religion, the place the stories were put that forced the giants who play god to maintain. It was to their advantage in a way, to keep track of themselves. Not a lot of people could read and write until historically recent times.

The Controllers, giant sorcerers, have always been the ones ruling. They are the ones who initiated the Inquisitions. They are the ones who rewrote and took over religions. They are the ones gave people the rules that they themselves don’t follow (think Henry VIII). They are genocidal rapists, child molesters, liars and megalomaniacs. They have situated each others lifetimes as royalty and nobility, priests and generals. They do as they will and use the law as an excuse to murder their aware opponents.

The technique, an ancient one, used by the Nazis was to murder as many Jews as possible. At the same time they instituted and encouraged white breeding programs. The dead Jews would reincarnate as Germanic people. They would be raised as Marxists. The rapidly diminishing Jewish population would not be producing babies. The souls would change cultures. The new Marxist culture would replace religion with psychology, erasing their past. Aware children would be drugged, electrocuted, locked away and they could continue to use their abilities to rule.