Vlad Make’s Another Move

President for life, Vlad Putin<<<, loyal socialist servant of the gods of Mordor invaded part of Ukraine today (CNN). Vlad is still president thanks to a referendum in Russia allowing him to keep running for two more terms. Many think the election was rigged. This may be part of the reason his Controller has him pushing into Ukraine now, sort of a distraction. It distracts from Fromm’s slip up; admitting to molesting a 12 year old girl.

The move is reminiscent of the strategy Hitler’s controller got him to use in Czechoslovakia. He used the excuse of liberating sections of it, the Sudentland, to “liberate” German speakers living in the region. It’s not different from the German move into Poland either. The UK and France said they would declare war if Poland was invaded. Hitler’s controller had him make a pact with Stalin to divide the Poland. Hitler didn’t believe the UK and Poland would actually declare war but he was worried about the Soviet Union.

US President Biden is handling the situation with grace. Western Europe will begin to wean itself off Russian fuel, resorting to the Cold War days energy strategy. Eastern and Central European nations will begin to apply to NATO and purchase weapons from the west. The Russian Federation will become economically isolated. It’s unfortunate that the gods of Mordor have created this situation.

The gods have been trying to build a Russian Empire suitable for their habitation while sabotaging the US for some time. One strategy they’ve used is to create and play allah to the leaders of ISIL. This sabotaged the Arab Spring uprising in Bashir al-Assad‘s <<<Syria that threatened the Russian naval base in Tartus.

Finding out what operative is playing allah to ISIL might take some doing, the guy may live or be stationed in Europe or the Middle East. He gets out of his body and cruises to their headquarters on a regular basis. He’s probably a well off white guy and definitely speaks Arabic.