Why They Help Putin

Over the past 6 days we’ve made some interesting observations about Fromm (who calls himself Rommel) and his MFs from Mordor. We know what they do to collect souls in Washington and the rest of the country. We know they are intent upon helping their boy Vlad Putin maintain power and get some benefits. These are provided by manipulating people, leaders in governments, religions, cults (ISIS) and election processes. They do this from right here in, and at the expense of, the US.

The question is why? Putin is one of their own but that doesn’t explain it. Hussein was one of their own too. Fromm, while working in Saudi Arabia, had no problem getting him to think invading Kuwait was a good idea. Fromm didn’t get his invasion of Iraq until after 9/11, but in the end Hussein got recycled (executed) so Fromm’s new Shia Empire could expand. Iraq has a Shia majority. Hussein was expendable like any other Marxist loyalist; including Putin.

The real reason is the same reason they’ve been helping other Marxist leaders. They actually are capable of Handling (manipulating) Putin, whether he knows it or not. The current crisis is probably at their initiation. Also, they want to reincarnate in Russia. They want to be protected by Putin and other Russian loyalists while they are young. They also need to relearn their abilities.